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A 100% independent project

Our core value is independence. Grape's mission is to help consumers make better every-day purchase decisions for the planet. Our aim is to help you eliminate wasteful purchases, easily.  

  • No ads: Grape is completely ad-free. Brands can not pay Grape to advertise their products.

  • No influence: shopping list suggestions are based solely on your prefferences and shopping list history, with absolutely no influence from outside brands or manufacturers.

  • Data protection: Grape does not sell user data. All user data remains strictly confridential.


Meet the team

Grape is being built by 4 enthusiastic individuals, who want to help others make a difference. Grape is our passion project, which we work because we choose to do so on the weekends, outside of our day jobs.




We spent 72 hours participating in a weekend-long hackathon, aimed at developing solutions which are applicable in the fight against the effects of COVID-19 and Grape is born.



We get selected from a pool of c. 300 applications from 20 countries to participate in the EIT Digital Venture Programme. We spent an intensive 4 months on designing Grape and building our minimum viable product ("MVP").



We register our company and start alfa and beta testing of our MVP.

2021 - 2022

We constantly collaborate with our users on best ways to create a seamless user experience, pivot and iterate the app multiple times.



Our Team Member Waliyah, wins second place in the CHANGE category for the EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology Awards 2022, with a new iteration of the project. 


We work on implementing the latest logic of the app and can't wait to test it with users in Q2 2023.

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