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Grape is here to make your life easier. By helping you cut out unnecessary items from your shopping list, Grape simplifies your planning experience and guides you towards making planet-friendly choices, leaving you feeling fulfilled and guilt-free.

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A 100% independent project

We get it — reducing your environmental footprint can feel overwhelming... That's why we've created Grape, a platform that not only simplifies your shopping experience but also helps you cut back on wastefull purchases along the way. We're driven by the belief that consumers deserve transparent and independent tools to make better everyday purchase decisions for the planet. Watch an explainer about our mission here.

Responsible funding

Grape is financed through a grant from the European Union and contributions from our community. This eliminates any conflict of interest that could undermine our goal of combating food waste.

No external brand influence

No brand or manufacturer can influence your shopping list suggestions.

No ads

Brands can not pay Grape to advertise their products on the app.

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